VU+ Duo4K SE 2-DVBS2X MS FBC غير متوفر
Key Features:Very fast switching timesWebKit browserChromium OSDual HD transcodingHbbTVHDMI 2.0 outp..
2,300.00 ريال
DM TWO UHD 2-DVBS2X MS Bluetooth غير متوفر
Dreambox Two Ultra HD BT 2x DVB-S2X Multistream Tuner 4K 2160p E2 Linux Dual Wifi H.265 HEVCDream Mu..
1,950.00 ريال
+inverto KU LNB Pro Single 40mm ULN غير متوفر
Specifically designed to address the demand of the global DTH market for a competitive and 4G/LTE pr..
0.00 ريال
✅ SET-TOP-BOX WITH THE BEST PICTURE AND SOUND QUALITY! Intuitive menu, EPG (Electronic Program Guide..
1,800.00 ريال
Bluetooth / infrared remote control for all dream boxes. The remote control is programmable for the ..
280.00 ريال
RC10 Remote Control Unit for DM500HD/V2, DM800SE/V2, DM7020HD/V2, DM8000DVD, DM520, DM525, DM900, DM..
140.00 ريال
Dreambox IR remote control RC20 for all Dreamboxes..
180.00 ريال
Remote control suitable for all VU + receivers.IR remote controlThe volume buttons (Vol + / Vol- / M..
180.00 ريال
Vu plus Universal Remote Control Unit for All ModelsVu plus Universal Remote Control Unit for All Mo..
140.00 ريال
Original VU + BT / IR remote control for the following models: VU + Duo VU + Duo² VU + Solo VU + Sol..
230.00 ريال
The first of its kind: On board Netflix, DAZN, Alexa and Co.The Dreambox ONE Ultra-HD opens up a who..
1,650.00 ريال 1,500.00 ريال
DREAMBOX 520 -13 %
Dreambox OSDreambox API2000DMIPS processorHDMI 1.4aMPEG-2 / H.264 decoderH.265 decoder (Full-HD)Smar..
800.00 ريال 700.00 ريال
Dreamtv Mini UHD -7 % غير متوفر
The DreamTV Mini UltraHD media player is Android 9.0 based. This player has a powerfull 4 Core CPU a..
680.00 ريال 630.00 ريال
VU+ UINO4K SE -3 %
Most Affordable UHD Receiver 1x Common Interface 1x Smart Card reader Dual Core 1.7 GHZ 4GB Flasg 2G..
1,850.00 ريال 1,800.00 ريال
VU+ ZERO4K -8 % غير متوفر
GHz ARM Dual-Core Processor 4GB Flash (eMMC) 2GB DDR4 DRAM LAN (10/100 MBit/s) 1x Single DVB-S2X Mul..
1,200.00 ريال 1,100.00 ريال